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The Next Generation Integrated Renewable Energy Investment Company


Catamaran Renewables is an owner and operator of renewable energy projects in North America. The company is a joint venture that brings a unique combination of development expertise and balance sheet capital to acquire projects swiftly and efficiently.
Mission Statement

Accelerate the Transition to Sustainable and Renewable Energy for the Next Generation

Captona and South Jersey Industries’ (SJI) Marina Energy joined forces to use our collective capabilities to power America towards a cleaner future. By designing quality renewable projects and managing them in-house, we hope to become an example of seamless vertical integration that encourages future development in the renewable energy sector.

About Us

The Catamaran Advantage

Catamaran is a joint venture between SJI, a leading natural gas utility, and Captona, an innovative operator of renewables. We harness our decades of combined domestic and international investment and development experience to partner with developers. Our partnership provides liquidity and execution certainty to the renewables market. We joined forces to buy projects using internal tax equity and sponsor equity and to provide developers with a one-stop-shop option.

The company provides accretive value to developers, working alongside them from beginning to end. With an owner’s mindset, we strategically optimize the financial, operational, and technical aspects of projects to ensure positive investment outcomes. Our team has a deep bench of legal, engineering and operations experts that can successfully close and complete DG, utility, and community solar, onshore and offshore wind, run-of-river hydro, storage, biomass, and biogas projects.


Utility-scale, Community and C&I PV


Utility-scale Onshore & Offshore Wind


Run-of-river Technologies


Battery Storage Technologies


Conventional Technologies


Gasification Technologies

The Catamaran Name

Captona and SJI’s Marina Energy crossed paths over 6 years ago and established a strong working relationship. When Captona and Marina Energy decided to form this partnership, we named it “Catamaran” because every “MAR”ina needs a sailboat and every sailboat needs a “CAP”tain. A catamaran’s two parallel hulls represent the aligned missions of Captona and Marina Energy. This joint venture will set sail across a new energy horizon.

Track Record

Leveraging Decades of Experiences


Catamaran has a proven track record of acquiring, financing and operating renewable energy projects. We provide capital, co-development assistance, in-house design expertise, and construction optimization. Once online, we service and maintain our projects, utilizing our internal O&M and asset management teams.

Collectively, Catamaran has over 2 GW of operational experience across multiple renewable generation technologies and has financed over $1 billion worth of transactions in the space. The team at Catamaran brings full-suite development capabilities and operational expertise to the projects it acquires.

We leverage decades of experience making strategic renewable energy investments throughout North America, Asia and Europe. Catamaran uses the combined capabilities of Captona and South Jersey Industries to grow its portfolio through direct acquisitions or partnerships with local developers.

The Catamaran team has co-developed over 1.37 GW of assets and has a proven track record of optimizing power and revenue sources. With its in-house team of experts Catamaran assists developers with design optimization, engineering and construction management.

With its finger on the pulse of the industry, Catamaran can see the true value of a project and work alongside developers to help achieve collective success.

+2 GW

Operational Experience

+$1 Bn

Financed Transactions

+1.4 GW

Co-developed Assets


Joining Forces to Acquire Renewable Energy Projects in North America

Captona is a North America-focused investment company specializing in power generation and energy infrastructure assets. The Firm targets investments across multiple power generation technologies, including renewable energy assets like solar, wind, biomass, biogas, storage, and run-of-river hydro. The team actively pursues risk-adjusted returns from acquisitions of operating and development opportunities within these sectors with the intent to create value through technical and financial restructurings.

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SJI’s non-utility businesses within South Jersey Energy Solutions promote efficiency, clean technology and renewable energy by providing customized wholesale commodity marketing and fuel management services; and developing, owning and operating on-site energy production facilities. Marina Energy, part of South Jersey Energy Solutions, is in the business of designing, financing, building and operating energy-related projects with a specialty in solar energy projects.

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Finger on the Pulse of the Industry

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We provide capital, co-development assistance, in-house design expertise, and construction optimization for renewable energy investments.

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